The ADHD Planning & Goal Setting Bundle

Discover a planning system that understands the ADHD mind. Our bundle includes six planners, each tailored to help you manage your thoughts and time—from the big picture down to the nitty-gritty of daily tasks.

ADHD-Friendly Features

  • Instant Access via Canva: Right after you buy it, it's yours to use. Just download and go.
  • Canva Customization: In Canva, tweak the words and sections to fit what feels right for you. If some words don't work for you, change them. Make it truly yours.
  • Standard Size Convenience: Print them out easy on regular paper you've got at home.
  • One-Page Per Planner: All you need is on one page, no need to flip through to find stuff.
  • Calming Color Scheme: We picked colors that are easy on your eyes, helping you focus better.
  • Minimalist Layout: It's simple and clean. Less clutter means it's easier to concentrate.
  • Readable Fonts & Spacing: The writing's big and clear, and there's plenty of space, so it's easy on your eyes.
  • Generous Brain Dump Space: Lots of room for all your thoughts, no need to hold back, just let it all out.

Benefits For ADHD Brains

  • No Clutter, Just Focus: These planners keep it simple. You only see what's really needed for your dreams and daily tasks. 
  • Straightforward Planning: It's a step-by-step guide, from your big goals down to what you're doing today. Keeps things clear and easy.
  • Good for Memory: With each planner on one page, it's simpler to remember and keep track of your plans.
  • Know What's Important: The design helps you spot your main tasks quickly. Start your day knowing what to tackle first.
  • Comfortable to Use: The colors and layout are easy on the eyes. They help you stay calm and focused.
  • Track Your Progress: It's not just a planner. It's a place to note down your achievements and the important choices you've made.
  • Try It, No Stress: Not sure if it'll work for you? No worries. There's a money-back guarantee. Give it a go and see how it feels.

Product Details

Product Details: Your Six-Step Planning System

With the ADHD Planning & Goal Setting Bundle, you get a comprehensive suite of planners, each one designed to meet you wherever you are in your planning process:

  • Big Picture Planner: Cast your long-term vision and outline your grandest goals.
  • 12-Month Planner: Keep track of the year ahead with a high-level overview.
  • 90-Day Planner: Break your objectives down into manageable quarterly milestones.
  • 30-Day Planner: Focus on the immediate future and what you want to accomplish this month.
  • 7-Day Planner: Organize your week for steady, incremental progress.
  • 1-Day Planner: Make the most of today with a clear, actionable agenda.

Key Features:

  • Covers All Your Planning Needs: Whether it's everyday tasks or long-term goals, these planners have you covered.
  • Thoughtful ADHD Consideration: Designed with ADHD in mind, using user-friendly rules to help you stay focused and less overwhelmed.
  • Customize in Canva: Adjust the words and sections to better suit your needs. It's easy and you can use it right away.
  • Download in Your Preferred Format: With Canva, choose how you want it – print it out or keep it digital. It's all up to you.
  • Try It for 30 Days: If you don't love it, you can get your money back within a month. Simple as that.


What makes this planner bundle ADHD-friendly?

Each planner is designed with the ADHD mind in mind, focusing on structure, simplicity, and cognitive support. Features like the 'Magic Number 5' principle, clear layouts, and calming color schemes help to manage overwhelm and maintain focus.

Can I print the planners?

Yes, the planners are designed to be printer-friendly and are formatted for standard letter paper size for your convenience.

Can I customize the planners?

Absolutely! The planners are designed in Canva, which allows you to personalize and adjust the layout to suit your preferences and planning style.

Are the planners dated?

No, the planners are undated to give you the flexibility to start using them at any time of the year and adapt to your schedule.

How do I access the planners after purchase?

 Once you complete your purchase, you'll receive an instant download link to access your planner bundle.

What research is the planner design based on?

The planner is the result of extensive research into the science of ADHD and user experience design. It incorporates principles that help with memory, focus, and task management specifically tailored for those with ADHD.

Why is the planner designed with a minimalist approach?

A minimalist design helps to reduce sensory overload and provides the structure needed to focus without unnecessary distractions. This balance aims to calm the senses while still allowing personal creativity.

How is the planner bundle a framework for planning?

The bundle is not just a collection of planners; it's a carefully structured system that guides you from setting large visions to breaking them down into actionable tasks, step by step.

Will there be updates or new versions of the planners?

We continually improve our products based on user feedback. Purchasers will receive notifications about updates or new versions when they become available.

What if I'm not sure how to use the planners effectively?

The bundle comes with instructions to help you get the most out of your planners. Plus, you can always reach out for support if you have any questions.

Is there a refund policy?

We stand behind the quality of our planners. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us within 30 days for a full refund.

Are the planners only for business planning?

While the planners are great for business planning, they are versatile enough for personal use, whether you're managing household tasks, personal projects, or educational goals.

How can I share feedback about the planners?

We love hearing from our users! Please feel free to send your feedback or suggestions via the contact page.

What if I find the planners too structured or not structured enough?

Our planners are tailored for adaptability, providing a structured starting point that you can adjust to your comfort level. They're meant to be flexible—use all or just a couple of planners from the bundle as it suits your planning needs. This way, you can scale the structure up or down to your personal preference.

Can I use these planners even if I don't have ADHD?

Yes, while these planners are designed with the ADHD mind in mind, they are beneficial for anyone seeking a structured yet flexible planning system.

 How can this planner help me if I struggle with executive functioning challenges?

The design principles of the planners address common executive function challenges such as working memory, prioritizing, staying focused, creating timelines, organizing steps, and task-switching.

What are the '9 principles' the planners are based on?

The planners follow nine design principles including the 'Magic Number 5,' minimalist design, standard paper size for convenience, immediate access, harmonious colors, printable options, one-page at-a-glance design, easy customization in Canva, and readability with carefully chosen fonts and spacing.

A Personal Note from Susanna

Hi, I'm Susanna—entrepreneur, dreamer, and your guide in the ADHD planning journey. I've been where you are, juggling countless ideas and craving clarity. That's why I've designed a planner that's more than just a notebook; it's a strategic companion for your business and mind

Susanna Miles, Designer

30 Days

Our "No ADHD Tax" Guarantee

If the planner bundle isn't a perfect fit for you, no worries. You have 30 days to decide, and if it's not working out, you'll get your money back, no 'ADHD tax'. I want this to be a stress-free choice for you.

Get Your ADHD Planning & Goal Setting Bundle 

Each planner in our bundle is a finely crafted step toward mastering your life and business goals, whether you're looking to map out the future or tackle today. 

Big Picture Planner

For those grand visions and long-term planning.

12-Month Planner

Keep a comprehensive overview of the year.

90-Day Planner

Focus on the next quarter's goals and projects.

30-Day Planner

Hone in on what this month has in store for you.

7-Day Planner

Organize your week for consistent, incremental progress.

1-Day Planner

Make today count with a clear plan of action.

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