February 1, 2023

The reason I created the Dopamine Boost and Adhd Offense Maneuver Menus is because I struggled to do the things I needed to do to manage my emotions. I believe this is so important to our well being, but I’d always forget and end up doing the wrong things or nothing at all.  

It was so annoying because I knew what I needed to do but never remembered to do any of it.

These menus have helped me a lot with that over the past year, and I hope they’ve helped you too. But, this isn’t about them. It’s about a new addition to the kit. And keeping in line with the concept of the kit, it too is meant to work as a visual memory aid. 

Let me explain a bit. 

Currently, the Big Pic Planner that comes in the bundle is more of a big pic strategy brainstormer. It has served its purpose in guiding my decisions and helping me stay focused.

But looking at it more than every month or two was overwhelming.  I was missing the original Big pic planner I created in 2020, which was simple, punchy, and to-the-point.

So, I went and dug up that original document and turned it into an official Mindflow. And upon realizing that I have run out of wall space, I decided to turn it into a desktop Wallpaper.

We look at our computer screens all day long, and even though looking at pretty pictures is nice, I’ve been meaning to make mine (and yours) more Adhd-friendly, so, like the other mindflows I first created it cto help me with a very specific problem. 

What else you need to know about it


I’ve appended it to the same Canva file you already have. But, if, you’re anything like me, the thought of looking for it will send you into fight or flight mode, so I sent an email with a link to the file as well. 

And, if you haven’t signed up to get the kit yet, you can do so here.

Make it yours

Because it’s in canva you can personalize it in any way you want.  Please, don’t be shy.


Because I’m big on options to support different moods, brain-days, and working styles you also get it in a letter size worksheet as well. 

Changes to the other items in the kit

While I was creating this I decided to make some updates to the other 2 items in the kit.

  1. I added a few new items to the menu’s 
  2. I corrected some types and messy grammar
  3. I included a disclaimer about using a timer for some of the activities. (ie. Amazon window shopping). 
  4. I also simplified some of the wording, and tidied up the layout.

Yearly Updates

Since there’s a calendar on the desktop wallpaper you’ll be getting a new desktop wallpaper every year. 

And the future may hold even more changes and improvements to the kit.

She and half Of ADHD was pretty rough for me, but I am planning to send you more emails with tips, solutions to help you get more done in business and life.

What now? 

If you haven’t signed up and want your very own kit,  you can sign up here.
And if you already have it, check your email. If you don’t see it right away, search for “Mindflows” and if you still don’t see it, please feel free to send me a message.

About the author 

Susanna Miles

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