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Struggling to Harness The Power Of Your ADHD Brain?

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  • Dopamine Boost Menu: A selection of healthy habits and strategies to help you increase your productivity and focus.
  • ADHD Offense Maneuver Menu: A list of powerful techniques for conquering distractions and staying on track
  • Big Picture Planner: The big picture planner template comes in both letter size and desktop wallpaper to help map out (and remember) your big ideas for the year.

+ Ongoing emails with tips, strategies, and resources: Keep your productivity on the rise with regular tips, tricks, and insights from experts in the field.

How This Can Help

You know how you hear these great strategies and think to yourself "Omg, I need to do that when..."?!  Then, when you actually need it your brain is blank?!

Hey there. I'm Susanna and I made these so that I could put them on my wall, on the fridge, or in a frame. That's why they aren't boring black and white lists. I also wanted to make them useful for any other ADHD'er who would like the same. That's why:

  • it's available in Canva so you can download it in whatever file size you want, and 
  • you can also edit any of the items on the lists. There is even room to add a few.

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