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The ADHD Business & Life Blog

By Mindflows

December 19, 2022
5 Strategies that helped me be more productive with ADHD

I am always struggling to be more productive and am constantly experimenting with different strategies. A regular person might find one that works and then stick with it for months, years, or even their whole life (gasp!). But, if you're anything like me, a great strategy may only be suitable for a very specific situation […]

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June 10, 2022
Can an ADHD'er Be TOO Structured To Be Productive?

Basically, yes. It's a bit complicated though. Seeing as everything related to Executive Function is tough for us, structure is crucial. It's just that finding the right balance can be really hard! Since this is something I experienced first-hand today, I wanted to dig into it. So, if you do to, please join me for […]

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March 10, 2022
An Alternative Approach For ADHD'ers Who Don't Like All-In-One Planners

know this is an unpopular opinion, and I totally get the allure of all-in-ones, but let me explain... When I tried to use an all-in-one, I felt even more overwhelmed. There was just too much to take in and the more I tried, the harder it got. If you feel the same way, this is […]

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