Your Haven For Adult ADHD Journals And Planners

As a fellow traveler on this path, Mindflows guides you with  beautiful, practical tools that genuinely understand and support your ADHD brain. From one ADHD'er to another.

The ADHD PLanning & Goal Setting Bundle

Ever felt like regular planners just don't get you? That's why we created the ADHD Planning & Goal Setting Bundle. It's not your average planner; it’s a visual and flexible path crafted especially for your unique way of thinking. Ready to clear the fog and focus on what matters to you, whether in business or life? This bundle is your partner in turning those day-to-day tasks and big dreams into your very own success story.

The Daily Spending Tracker Book

Meet your new financial buddy – the Mindflows Daily Spending Tracker. Compact, undated, and super easy to use, it's perfect for managing your money without the hassle. We've kept it simple and vibrant, just right for the ADHD mind. Whether you're always on the go or need a little help with financial clarity, this tracker is here to make things a whole lot easier for you.

The MEdication & Mood Tracking Journal

Managing ADHD can be a lot, right? That's why we have the 90-day Medication and Mood Journal. Designed for tracking your meds, moods, and how you're feeling, it's the straightforward way to find the best balance with your treatment. Ideal if you're adjusting to new meds or aiming for better focus and a happier day-to-day, this journal is like a little guide to a more focused and joyful you.