When I work with people I have been told that it feels like I'm a project manager. Essentially, I help them decide what to do when and try to keep them on track. 

What makes me more than just a project manager, though, is that I understand ADHD brains and love working together to come up with creative strategies to get the most out of yours.

1. Strategy For ADHD Brains

One way we could do that together is by experimenting with strategies when you're struggling to get something done. 

For example, based on our planning together, you know you need to do social media, but you aren't. 

We'd work on figuring out why and then working together to move past that. 

This often includes chunking it down together. But it often includes creating rituals, discussing the marketing strategy and helping you get clear on it, or building in habit-stacking techniques.

2. Body Doubling

I also include a weekly body doubling session for every session. So, if you get 9 sessions, you also get 9 body doubling sessions (at no extra cost). 

I do this to help you take action on things we talked about. 

For example, if we agree that you should dedicate a certain time of day or a certain number of hours per week on social media, one of those hours would be spent together.

It's a simple hour that begins with a hello, an update of what you're doing, and a quick review before ending the session.

3. Business and planning expertise + Adhd understanding

A lot of adhd coaches help you figure out how to get the most out of your brain. And business coaches help you with business.

I do both. And, I have expertise in online marketing, which is handy too. 

If you already have a lot of knowledge, then you'd start a little further along than someone who doesn't. And you won't have to waste your sessions educating me.

But if you don't, I can help you figure out where to start and what order to do things.

I can even help you improve certain things, like a sales page, funnel, or conversion rates.

I read (or re-read) about 1 book a week about ADHD, planning, or mental health.

4. Lots of frameworks and tools

As I write this, I only have the planning bundle on the site. But, I have so many more and share these freely with my coaching clients when they need them.

This could include:

5. No to goals

I don't really focus on "goals". Ya, I believe that there should be things we work towards. But more importantly, I like to focus on the activities or habits that support it. 

I feel like the word should be proceeded with a trigger warning 😀 and have learned it's the same for a lot of adhd'ers.

And if you were undiagnosed until later in life, which is like most of my clients, then goals are even more triggering.

6. You get a partner

Here's the thing. We both have ADHD. This means that we are both non-linear thinkers.

Business isn't really a linear processs though. It's almost always filled with a lot of twists and turns. Even for neurotyicals.

On the plus side, that feeling of chaos isn't unusual for us. But on the negative, a lot of people who decide to work with a coach think it will be linear.

Well, it won't be. I can promise to straighten it out a bit and help you avoid having to double back a ton of times. I can also help with confusion, overwhelm, lack of motivation, clarity, and even decision making.

A few sessions is rarely satisfying which is why I prefer to work with people who want a long term partner.

This is important because it's usually only after 8 or 9 sessions that things really start to fall in place.

And ya, that might feel like a lot. But when people make it there, the hard work is usually done. After that, we can go down to less frequent sessions and shorter sessions that are focused on accountability more than clarity or planning.

Now what?

Well, if this sounds good, you can go ahead and plan a free consultation. In it, we can discuss your hopes and dreams and challenges, and feel out whether we'll be a good fit.

You can book that over here.

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