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By Mindflows

February 1, 2023
Even More Inside The ADHD Rescue Kit

The reason I created the Dopamine Boost and Adhd Offense Maneuver Menus is because I struggled to do the things I needed to do to manage my emotions. I believe this is so important to our well being, but I'd always forget and end up doing the wrong things or nothing at all.   It was […]

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January 23, 2023
Applying The Four Laws Of Behavior Change To Mindflows

Earlier this week my husband shared his notes from "Atomic Habits" with me, which he read in 2021 and still loves.  And because I liked what he was saying and have heard a lot of ADHD'ers rave about it too, I decided to read it. So far, there's a lot I like, but there's something […]

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February 10, 2022
How to beat the "getting started paralysis" that so many ADHD'ers experience

A lot of the time, I'd rather grab a cookie (or ten), look at Instagram, or sweep the floor I just swept an hour ago instead of doing what I need to do. Arrgh. It's been said that chunking helps in situations like this. And it does work - because even doing a little gets […]

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