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Productivity frameworks for entrepreneurs with ADHD, by an entrepreneur with ADHD. Because there's no one who gets it like another ADHD'er!
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The ADHD Rescue Kit

The kit gives you healthy ways to keep your energy, motivation, and focus high.
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With ADHD, it can be especially challenging to make sense of our thoughts, set goals, and figure out how to take steps towards them. Sometimes, the only thing that can help is an outside perspective.  Let's see if we can create some personalized ADHD-friendly strategies for you. Trust us, we know how it feels.
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The ADHD Planning & Goal Setting Bundle

The ADHD Planning & Goal Setting Bundle is more than just a planner; it's a framework for organizing and planning your business. It helps you sort out the chaos in your mind and create a visual plan that focuses on what really matters to you and your business.
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The Mindflows Philosophy

"When we feel good, our minds are able to work better and be more creative"

Incorporate novelty, play, and positive reinforcement because it has a positive impact on mood and motivation.
Establishing frameworks, rituals, habits, and a flexible structure can help you declutter your mind and make it easier focus.


My name is Susanna and I have ADHD. I am also a coach and designer

I'm here because I got so tired of planners and productivity advice that didn't work for my ADHD brain. 

After my diagnosis, when I started to research ADHD brain-science I started to how differently our brains work and why I struggled with planners my whole life. That's when I started using my knowledge of UX/UI design to create my signature planning bundle.

What started as a way to help myself, has become so much more! It has become a passion for creating a community of ADHD'ers who stand up against the negative stereotypes often associated with ADHD and show that we aren't lazy, crazy, or dumb.

And most importantly, I want to do everything I can to help us reach our potential and find peace.
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