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PrintablEs & Books

Planners and Journals For Your Dynamic Mind

Navigating life with ADHD? I get it. That's why each of our planners and journals is more than just a notebook—they are carefully crafted guide tailored to the ADHD mind.

The Planning And Goal Setting Bundle
The Medication & Mood Tracking Journal
The Daily Spending Tracking Journal

Want Adult ADHD Activities to Center & Stimulate Your Brain?

Need a pick-me-up or some downtime? This menu is chock-full of activities tailored to energize or calm adults with ADHD. Imagine a personal fun-fair for your brain, ready to match and lift your mood, every single day.


Dive Into Tailored Insights Just For You

Still unraveling the ADHD puzzle? You're not alone. Diagnosed at 46, I've since been immersing myself in all things ADHD. My discoveries? A blend of expert wisdom and personal revelations. As we unlock our ADHD strengths, remember, you've got a friend in this journey. We're in this together, and I'm here to share everything I discover along the way. 

5 Tools for Adults with ADHD To Enhance Peace, Calm, and Focus
Adult ADHD and the Art of Productivity: Lessons from a Pink Drill
How to Focus as an ADHD Adult While Steering Through Life’s Winding Roads, Cows, and Detours

ADHD Fiction

Stories from an ADHD Heart, for Our ADHD Souls

I write these tales not just as an outlet, but as a beacon. With every story, I aim to shift the narrative around ADHD, painting a world where we can see ourselves differently - stronger, clearer. It's my hope that through these words, we can together find a renewed perspective and stride confidently through life.

Molly’s Revelation: Reexamining ‘Laziness’ in Adult ADHD
Whispers Of Want: Evie’s Etherial Struggle

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