Hi, I'm Susanna

Who I Am

I’m Susanna, the founder of Mindflows. My journey with ADHD has been filled with challenges and moments of clarity. As a creative entrepreneur, I’ve often struggled with the chaos and disorganization that come with ADHD. This personal experience inspired me to create practical, effective tools to help women like me manage their lives more smoothly.

My Mission

At Mindflows, I understand that traditional, neurotypical solutions often don’t work for those with ADHD. We need adaptable tools and resources that provide the necessary support to navigate daily life. My mission is to offer solutions that make managing ADHD easier and less stressful.

What I Offer

  • Tools for Success: I design medication and mood tracking journals, daily spending trackers, and planning frameworks specifically for the ADHD mind. These tools are practical and creative, making organization more accessible.
  • Luna’s Whimsical Activity Book: This isn’t just an activity book; it’s a fun and engaging way to stimulate the mind while managing ADHD.
  • Inspirational Stories: My stories aim to reshape perspectives, offering hope and encouragement to those who need it.
  • Daily Hacks: I share practical tips and strategies to help manage ADHD more effectively. These hacks fit seamlessly into your daily routine, making life a little bit easier every day.

Innovation and Growth

I’m always innovating, constantly coming up with new ways to help women with ADHD. My solutions are never static; they continuously adapt and improve to meet the evolving needs of my community.

My Core Values

Mindflows is built on empathy and real-life experience. I offer practical solutions designed to make life easier for women with ADHD, focusing on support, creativity, and empowerment. I believe in providing tools that reflect our unique needs, ensuring that every woman with ADHD can find the support she needs to thrive. I’m here to help you step into what your life is meant to be, and I’m so glad you’ve joined me on this journey.

Who Can Benefit From Mindflows?

While I designed Mindflows with the unique challenges of ADHD in mind, everything I offer—from practical tools to empowering stories and practical tips—can benefit anyone looking to enhance their productivity, organize their life, or reduce stress. Whether you're managing ADHD or simply seeking support for a more focused and creative approach to daily tasks, I'm here to help.

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Susanna Miles
ADHD Empowerment Strategist

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