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Hi there, I'm Susanna

ADHD has its good sides and bad. However, without a diagnosis, the right tools, and strategies, it can often lean towards the bad. And even though I have been very lucky, ADHD has brought me more challenges than benefits, a story I want to help others avoid.

Life with adhd can definitely be an adventure, can't it?! From bubbling over with energy and being the life of the party, to running into poles when greeting an ex- boyfriend, it sure does make for a lot of good stories. But then, there are the less-funny sides - from struggles in school and work to lost relationships, it sure does take a toll on our self-esteem... and more.

Hi there, I'm Susanna and living with ADHD has been my lifelong journey. It was was officially recognized with a diagnosis at 30, and then again, almost 20 years later, with a non-existent career and frustrated spouse, at 47. It was at then that I decided that it was time to take action, to dive deep into understanding how ADHD affects me and what I could do about it.

So, I turned to research, immersing myself in everything I could find about ADHD. During this time, I've started creating tools, many of which I've shared here on Mindflows, to help manage my day-to-day life. And then, I began to write, sharing my thoughts, discoveries, and creations with the world.

Sharing what I've learned and created is a part of my journey, and something I plan to continue. Because the truth is, ADHD doesn't disappear. It evolves, changes, and for me, has morphed alongside life events like menopause. But it will always be a part of our lives.

Choosing to not only strive to be the best version of myself but also to truly appreciate who I am marked a profound shift in my journey. This commitment wasn't just about self-improvement; it was about reconciling with 50 years of missed opportunities—times when the right strategies and tools could have made all the difference. It's about giving myself the chance to live fully, equipped with the knowledge and means to navigate life with ADHD. Something I wish I had access to earlier. This resolve to embrace and accept myself as I am, while also seeking growth, has become my guiding principle.

Living with ADHD or relating strongly to the struggles that we face is our shared experience, and it's through sharing that we can find strength, inspiration, and perhaps a few new strategies to make each day a little bit easier. So, here's to us, on this journey together, discovering the best versions of ourselves along the way.

Susanna Miles
ADHD Empowerment Strategist

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