Meet Susanna: The Creative Mind Behind Mindflows

Hello, beautiful minds! 

Living the life of a creative with an entrepreneurial spirit and ADHD has been quite the ride. I’ve spent a big chunk of my career in design, working on brands and websites, but that's not the whole story.

Like a lot of ADHD'ers my career has covered a wide range of areas – from photography to creative writing, and even teaching others how to make skincare products. 

The later part of my journey, though, hasn't just been about my professional work though; it's also about discovering myself as a woman with ADHD.

Discovering Myself Through ADHD

My path to personal and professional fulfillment took a crucial turn with my second ADHD diagnosis. It was a moment of clarity and understanding for me, leading to a more meaningful connection with me and my work. 

For me, it hasn't just been about finding a niche; it's been about learning how my brain works and then integrating my life with my business in a way that suits my brain.

The story of Mindflows

Mindflows started as my own personal project. After my second diagnosis I was writing about what I was learning and also making planners to help me find clarity in an ADHD-friendly way. Then, it hit me – why not share this with others? And that’s how Mindflows came to be. I slowly closed down my branding and web design business and started what you see today.

So, for me, Mindflows isn't just a product or service; it’s the result of my journey. It’s about:

  • Embracing diverse creative experiences.
  • Building a community of like-minded individuals.
  • Designing beautiful planners and journals that enrich our lives.
  • Shifting the perceptions of ADHD and self-identity through my blog posts. 
  • Finding ways to simplify our lives and turning our passions into income.
  • Empowering even more of us to reach our potential through ADHD Body Doubling. 
What I've Learned Along the Way

I've always known that I wasn't cut out for the ordinary, but figuring out my path hasn't been a linear journey. While I had the intelligence and ability to succeed at many things I did before, the struggles I faced due to ADHD made everything feel SOOOOO hard. When I started to learn about ADHD it was a wake-up call to explore and discover what truly works for me.

During this exploration, one critical lesson has been aligning my work with my authentic self,  which has been a challenge due to 47 years of masking. Despite this, it has repeatedly proven to be the best way forward for me. 

So much of the journey is about committing to my vision and integrating my life with my business in a way that suits me, even if it's unconventional. And embracing both the good and bad parts of my ADHD is an essential part of this process.

My Advice to You?

There are countless experts out there, all with their own idea of the “right way”. But, especially for those of us with ADHD, the key is to stay focused on you and how your brain works. Things like what fires it up and what calms it down are key. This  is why I give the customizable ADHD Activities List for free to anyone who wants it. 

Join Our Community

Mindflows is more than a brand; it's a community for creative, entrepreneurial spirits with ADHD. Here, we understand and embrace the unique ways we see the world. We offer mutual support, share experiences, and grow together.

For now, you can join the community on Instagram

Getting to Know Me
  • Quiet mornings fuel my creativity.
  • Writing, walking, and gardening are my forms of meditation.
  • I’m committed to creating a life that balances my creative work and entrepreneurial spirit with personal well-being.

Join me at Mindflows, where we explore the world of ADHD and creativity, supporting each other in our unique journeys. I'm excited to share this path with you!