ADHD, Business, and Life Blog

I share stores of the effect of ADHD on my personal life and business, and how I'm leveraging Mindflows to overcome its challenges. By sharing my experiences, I hope to offer insights and support to those facing similar struggles.

How to beat the "getting started paralysis" that so many ADHD'ers experience

A lot of the time, I'd rather grab a cookie (or ten), look at Instagram, or sweep the floor I just swept an hour ago instead of doing what I need to do. Arrgh. It's been said that chunking helps in situations like this. And it does work - because even doing a little gets […]

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ADHD, Overwhelm And The Power Planner Design

Does anyone else find that some websites or spaces make it hard for you to feel still, calm, and focused? Intellectually, you may appreciate a space. But even if you can't verbalize it, I bet you've experienced those spaces or websites that affect your ability to focus or think clearly. Design Tips For ADHD Here's […]

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The 6 planners I started using when I found out I have ADHD

Over a year ago, when I was (re)diagnosed with ADHD, I had to make some major changes in my life. I did a lot of inner work but also spent a lot of my time focusing on being more productive and organized. As I researched, I learned why typical systems of planning and organizing did […]

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