As the new year inches closer, I find myself tangled in a familiar knot of anxiety. It’s that time again – reviewing the past year and setting goals for the one ahead. Thanks to my ADHD, these tasks feel like climbing a mountain with no peak in sight.

Do you feel the same way?

Normally, I’d skip this ritual. But, driven by my handy planning bundle, I’ve gotten a tad better at long term goal setting. Yet, reviewing the year? That’s a different. It often feels like grappling with a cloud of fog – frustrating and upsetting.

Why does this have to be so hard? Oh wait, I know. We have time perception issues, executive function difficulties, easily get overwhelmed, and struggle with prioritizing. It’s the ADHD experience in a nutshell.

Despite my extensive reading on ADHD and neurobiology, the solution for making it easier eludes me. But what resonates with me is what Alex Korb, PhD., wrote in “The Upward Spiral.”. In it, he emphasizes the power of setting meaningful, achievable goals. He says they’re not just milestones; they’re stepping stones for motivation, releasing that much-needed dopamine.

This brings me to a realization: My problem often lies in the nebulous nature of my long-term goals. They’ve been pretty wishy-washy, to be honest. But as I step into 2024, I’m changing gears. I’m making my goals more specific, meaningful, and (hopefully) more achievable.

I’m also sharing my plans with you so that perhaps, this can be a guiding light for those who, like me, find this process more challenging than most.

Reflecting on Last Year

Last year’s journey wasn’t about ticking boxes off a list; it was subtler than that. I did a vision board in February, and it served as a sort of guiding star. It highlighted aspects I wanted more of in my life:

  • Taking myself and my business seriously.
  • Prioritizing community, friendships, and family.
  • Cultivating a sense of magic and wonder.
  • Embracing creativity.
  • Fostering a general sense of feeling alive and fulfilled.

I’ll be honest – I didn’t set concrete goals for these areas. I was too depressed for that last year. As a result, I missed out on those dopamine hits that come with ticking off specific goals. But the vision board did something else for me; it kept these values at the forefront of my mind. It was a gentle, consistent reminder of what I aspire to be and do.

There were moments throughout the year when this reminder helped me pivot, and make decisions that realigned with these values.

Did I make monumental strides in bringing more of these elements into my life? Not exactly. But I did notice the times when I was drifting away from these values and managed to course-correct. It’s clear to me now that I still have work to do in all these areas, but keeping them in mind was a step in the right direction.

My Goals for 2024

This year, I’m aiming for something different – achievable and meaningful goals, categorized into personal and business objectives. The inspiration? My trusty vision board.

 Personal Goals

  • Try rock climbing 6 times.
  • Work at a local coffee shop once a week (vs. Starbucks).
  • Visit a friend in Toronto every 2-4 weeks.
  • Have individual outings with my nieces at least once.
  • Attend one dragon boat racing class.
  • Participate in two in-person networking events.
  • Create a rock mosaic for my garden.
  • Learn something new each month outside of business.
  • Take 3 yoga classes.
  • Home improvement projects (paint bathrooms, spend 2 days on the stairs).
  • Write another 6000 words for my novel.

Business Goals

Instead of writing down a financial goal, I am going to focus on actions related to growth because I think this is more meaningful. They also feel achievable.

  • Do 2 guest posts on body doubling.
  • Add 5 more story-posts to the blog.
  • Add 5 tips posts to the blog.
  • Create 3-4 posts on body doubling to the blog.
  • Share my long term plan for body doubling with 10 people I know.
  • Create a section on my site for coaches re body doubling.
  • Send 12 emails to my email list.
  • Do 2 posts per week on social media.
  • Include a CTA to lead magnet and body doubling in social media posts at least 2 times per month.
  • Create 12 posts promoting my lead magnet.
  • Design ADHD bullet journal.
  • Design daily journal.
  • Something with wordsearch or coloring.
  • Join a monthly membership with like-minded people.

Wrapping It Up

Are these goals too ambitious? Not ambitious enough? Who knows? What I do know is that I feel good about them, and that’s a win in my book.

If you’re struggling with this yearly ritual, feel free to borrow from my approach or use it as a springboard for your own. And remember, it’s okay if this method doesn’t resonate with you. We all have our ways of getting things done. One helpful tip is to keep a daily record of your activities, something I’ve included in my planning bundle with a section called “Yay’s.”

Here’s to a year of achievable goals, meaningful progress, and learning to navigate life with ADHD.

Ready for 2024? Here’s How We Can Tackle It Together!

Got your goals for the new year? Great! Let’s make them happen in a simple, doable way.

Break It Down: Use the yearly planner from our planning bundle to split your goals into quarters. It’s a practical approach that makes big goals feel more achievable.

Need Support? Join In!: If staying on track feels tough, consider our Body Doubling Program. It’s all about mutual support and keeping each other focused. Perfect for us with ADHD!

Together, we can turn these goals into realities. Let’s step into 2024 with a plan and a supportive community by our side.

Join the journey, and let’s make this year count!

About the Author

Hey there, I'm Susanna Miles, a writer and advocate who understands the ups and downs of life's twists and turns. As a creative entrepreneur with ADHD, I'm here to share stories, insights, and practical tips from my journey.

Join me in embracing the beauty of imperfections, navigating distractions, and finding the balance between creativity and business. Let's celebrate our unique paths together.

Stay curious,
Susanna Miles

P.S. Explore my tailored journals and planners to support your journey.

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