Lying there, surrounded by swirling soft blue and pink lights, I felt a bit better, less restless. Don’t get any ideas though – this wasn’t a psychedelic trip; it was all thanks to tech.

Around a year ago, I learned that people on the Autism spectrum find solace in calming blue lights. That got me thinking – could a simple night light projector help with my bedtime anxiety, ADHD, and occasional bouts of depression? The answer is a resounding yes.

If you’re dealing with ADHD and anxiety like I am, here are some tech-focused solutions that might just bring a bit of serenity to your life.

1. Night Light/Projector Light

Not sure what I was talking about earlier? These are devices that create shapes on your ceilings and walls. Many options are available on Amazon, but I chose the Northern Lights version 

Here’s why I love it:

  • Customizable Settings: Adjust the speed, brightness, and set a timer to match your mood, especially on anxious days.
  • Different Colors: Changing the colors impacts my mood. Soft blues and pinks help me relax, while vibrant greens and reds energize me.
  • Stars or No Stars: Choose between a minimalist display or those comforting tiny green stars on your ceiling.

The moving lights seem to help calm my racing thoughts, like background noise can quiet our minds. 

2. White Noise Machine

I used to use Spotify for white noise, but having my phone nearby led to late-night scrolling. Having a dedicated white noise machine has helped a lot with this! 

I tried multiple machines before settling on one. Here’s why I love it:

  • Diverse Soundscapes: My chosen white noise machine offers various sound options, from white noise, to pink noise, and to babbling brook sounds. I can pick the one that suits my mood for the night.
  • Ambient Lighting: It also includes a night light, providing just the right amount of gentle illumination. This ensures my room is neither too dark or too bright.

I attempted to find a radio alarm clock with white noise, but had no luck. I couldn’t find one that allowed me to dim the time display and provided good white noise sounds. 

However, I did keep an additional alarm (non-radio) and white noise machine for my office. I like having it on 24/7; walking into my office with it on is comforting.

3. Google Home (or Alexa)

I don’t use Google Home very much at all, but I do I find it invaluable for two things:

  • Finding My Phone: Misplacing my phone used to be a daily hassle, especially in our two-story home. But with Google Home, I can simply ask it to find my phone, and within seconds, it saves me from the stress of searching.
  • Automated Music: I’ve noticed that my mood greatly improves when I start the day with music, but I often forget to play it. Thanks to Google Home, music now kicks in automatically, setting a positive tone for my mornings.

4. Loona Sleep App

I don’t use this app regularly, but I want to mention it because it’s incredibly helpful when I do. Let me tell you why I like it:

  • Storytelling and Relaxation: Unlike a regular coloring app, it combines coloring with immersive storytelling. Whether it’s fantastical adventures or calming tales, it slows down my racing mind and replaces anxiety with positive narratives.
  • Occasional Calm: I turn to the sleep app on challenging nights for a comforting bedtime story that eases my anxiety and helps me sleep peacefully.
  • Abundance of Choices: The app offers many options, which can be a blessing or a source of stress. For me, it occasionally adds to my anxiety, so I usually stick to a few favorite stories.

5. Electric Standing Desk and Ergonomic Tools

Now, let’s chat about something a bit different – my electric standing desk and other ergonomic gear. Not many people talk about this, but these have been a real lifesaver in dealing with my ADHD and anxiety.

  • Stress Reduction: If you’re anything like me, sitting for too long can be a real stressor. It’s like trying to tame a tornado! That’s where my electric standing desk comes to the rescue. I can switch between sitting and standing, wobble on a board, or take a mini stroll while I work. It’s like converting restlessness into productivity.
  • Ergonomic Comfort: Everyone’s got their ergonomic preferences, but one rule rules them all – comfort is king. If a tool leaves you feeling sore or squirmy, it’s no good for anxiety levels. The secret sauce is investing in ergonomic stuff that puts your comfort first. It makes a really big difference for me! 

If you’re watching your wallet, you can opt for a manual sit-stand desk, which does a similar job. But here’s the catch – being on the shorter side, I struggled to find one that adjusted low enough for comfy sitting. I have to admit though, I do like the electric version! 

Crafting Your Path to Serenity

From the soothing glow of projector lights to the comforting hum of a white noise machine, these gadgets have been my companions on my quest for peace. But remember, it’s not just about the gadgets; it’s about how we make them part of our daily lives, wrapping ourselves in comfort and relaxation.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. If you have questions, stories, or wisdom to share, please scroll down to the comments – I’d love to hear from you.

About the Author

Hey there, I'm Susanna Miles, a writer and advocate who understands the ups and downs of life's twists and turns. As a creative entrepreneur with ADHD, I'm here to share stories, insights, and practical tips from my journey.

Join me in embracing the beauty of imperfections, navigating distractions, and finding the balance between creativity and business. Let's celebrate our unique paths together.

Stay curious,
Susanna Miles

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