August 21, 2023

Sitting on the rocky shores of Lake Huron at sunset, I admired the sky painted in shades of orange and pink. But the true spectacle lay in the sound. Each wave, after crashing, retreated with a gritty drag, like a million tiny marbles rolling together, carrying the rocks with them.

This scene struck me as a metaphor for our ADHD minds: always in motion, with ideas constantly flowing or tumbling over one another.

The Challenge of Selection

Every fresh idea is like a wet rock: beautiful, captivating, and often appearing even more impressive than the last. This can make it challenging to select just a few standout ideas — much like choosing which rocks to take home from the beach.

I’ve grappled with this challenge while designing my journals and planners, as well as in other projects. And what I realized sitting in the sand that day is that my collection of beautiful rocks weren’t quite as impressive when dry.

It served as a reminder of the importance of selectivity.

For me, that has me working harder to adopt a more selective approach with my ideas. The goal, here, is to create room for the ideas that mean the most to me.

Finding that balance is an ongoing journey, and I’m still refining my approach. But still, it’s a lesson I aspire to remember during each new wave of inspiration.

To help with that, here are 3 things I want to remember the next time I’m struck with an onslaught of ideas.

1. Not all rocks are display-worthy

Just as wet rocks often appear more promising than they truly are, initial ideas might seem brilliant at first. However, much like how rocks can lose their luster when dry, not every idea withstands scrutiny over time.

With minds bursting with creativity, it becomes crucial to identify and hone in on the truly standout thoughts.

2. There is power in letting go

There’s liberation in letting go. Releasing an idea can be as natural as leaving a rock on the shore where it belongs. Amid the relentless stream of thoughts that flood our minds, it’s essential to prioritize and create room for what genuinely matters.

If letting go is challenging, consider creating a dedicated space or ritual for those ideas. It’s a technique that I’ve found particularly helpful.

3. Cherish the gems

Quality trumps quantity. Imagine selecting a handful of unique, irreplaceable rocks over a multitude of commonplace ones. In the same vein, giving undivided attention to exceptional ideas allows them to truly shine and come to fruition.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, it dawned on me that concentrating on our standout ideas—nurturing them with our energy and focus—does more than just showcase our creativity; it’s also important to our mental health.

In closing…While new ideas are exciting, there’s great joy in finishing a project, sharing it, and getting positive feedback. If we only chase new ideas and don’t finish anything, it can hurt our sense of achievement. This, in turn, can impact our overall well-being. Believe me, I’ve learned this the hard way.


During a reflective moment by Lake Huron, I realized our ADHD minds juggling ideas feels a lot like sorting rocks on a beach. Some quick takeaways:

Rocks Can Deceive: Ever picked up a wet rock thinking it’s the prettiest, only to find it’s just…meh when dry? Ideas can be like that. What’s shiny at first might not always be the gold standard.

Sometimes, Let Go: It’s like leaving a rock on the beach. We can’t (and shouldn’t) hold onto everything. Prioritizing helps clear the clutter.

The Special Ones Deserve Love: When an idea really sticks, why not dive into it? Give it a bit more time, see where it goes.

In essence, navigating our flow of ideas is a journey with its ups and downs, but that’s what makes it all the more intriguing.

If this article struck a chord with you and you're wondering what comes next, here are a few straightforward steps to consider.

Set a reminder to come back to this post regularly. 

Here's the thing: our brains, while fabulous, can sometimes forget details over time.  PLUS revisiting these insights might give you a fresh perspective. 

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Dear Readers,

I've read ADHD advice that just didn't fit, and it stung. So, let me be clear: Don't see my words as absolute; take what fits and leave the rest. Everyone's ADHD journey is unique, and what works for one may not for another. Finding what works best for you is part of the adventure. Embrace it with an open heart. And please, share your wisdom and experiences in the comments to help others.

Hey there, I'm Susanna Miles, a writer and advocate who understands the ups and downs of life's twists and turns. As a creative entrepreneur with ADHD, I'm here to share stories, insights, and practical tips from my journey.

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Stay curious,
Susanna Miles

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